Shaky Snakes - DEL BOCA VISTA

One of my favorite newer artists of the age comes from Vancouver Canada and makes songs that can literally make you lose your mind in the sound and feeling. Head over to Shaky Snakes (Ian’s) webpage and check the whole ep out. For now, I suggest you listen to my personal favorite, Clark Drive Sunrise.                      


The Answer Page & Red Alder - Solstice

This track will relax you to max, so grab a pair of headphones and close your eyes. Stunning vocals in harmony send chills down your neck they are so good.


The Answer Page: Twitter          Facebook          Soundcloud 

Red Alder:               Twitter          Facebook          Bandcamp           


Germany Germany Ft. Steffaloo - Disconnect

It has been long awaited the day that Germany Germany returns and releases new tracks. Here is his latest featuring the O so soothing voice of Steffaloo in their collaboration track “Disconnect”. Grab both Departure and Disconnect from his bandcamp below. Enjoy and remember to feel. 

Remember to go and check out their sites and get to know them.

Germany Germany:  Twitter          Facebook          Home

Steffaloo:                 Twitter          Facebook          


Gathered Ghosts - Went to you (Ft. Andreanna)

Check out this video for Gathered Ghosts “Went to you” featuring the hauntingly beautiful voice of Andreanna. Such a stunning video and track which sends vibes down our backs. As always, viewers, do your part and learn about the artists and spread the word if you dig it.                          


 Gathered Ghosts: Facebook          Bandcamp

 Andreanna:         Facebook          Twitter


Allosaurus - Emma-Jane

Allosaurus - Emma-Jane (Official Music Video) from Darkcar on Vimeo.  

I present you the Allosaurus video for their track Emma-Jane. Fun video that has that nostalgic effect on you accompanied by pleasant rhythms and vocals. 

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Sun Glitters just released a stunning Ep High. Features re-worked tracks from some of my favorite artists such as Jewellers, Mmoths and Sumsun. Dig it, because it is beautiful. 

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Teams vs. Star Slinger - The Yes Strut


This track is perfect for those situations where all you wanna do is bob your head and smile. Pick up those fancy head phones and watch this adorable girl just be, while jammin to The Yes Strut by Teams vs. Star Slinger

Teams:           Twitter          Facebook          SoundCloud

Star Slinger:    Twitter          Facebook          SoundCloud


Alligator Indian - Telepathic Boys


Bringing you the video for Alligator Indian’s Telepathic Boys. It’s fun, colorful and makes you really think about one’s own view of the world, so long as you can try to realize what being blinded would be like. Great track and as normal, I suggest you do some digging and listen to more of their work. Enjoy!

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Black Bear - Flicker Wings

Just a jam that I’ve loved many times over. Witty lyrics accompanied by a spacial/awareness uplifting feeling of understanding how life works.  


As the first track of the day today, I present a re-work of mmoths Heart now featuring Keep Shelly In Athens. It is beautiful to say the least. Enjoy the feeling of drifting away.

mmoths: Twitter          Facebook          Soundcloud

Keep Shelly In Athens:     Twitter          Facebook   

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